“Mo money mo problems”, as they say, but who doesn’t love a bigger bank, am I right? The restaurant industry is one the most cutthroat industries there is and having a decent profit is something that a good amount of restaurants never see. Yet thousands of new restaurants start in the United States every year, with the hopes of making a living off of doing something they love.

If you may not be a struggling restaurant and are already seeing healthy profits, that’s great. But I think this blog still has a lot to offer regardless of your position in the restaurant/food industry. So let’s get into how we can make more money.

We’ll cover topics ranging from…

Restauranting is moving into the future, and we want to help make sure you don’t get left behind. We’re going to show you why you should invest in mobile ordering, and how you can get started today!

Restaurants stand to benefit more from the rise of mobile search compared to other businesses. 81 percent of customers reported searching for a restaurant or any eatery using an app, according to a new survey of approximately 1,500 cell phone users from appinventiv. The market share of restaurant-related apps demonstrates…

According to Business Insider Intelligence reports, orders placed via smartphones and mobile apps will become $38 billion industry and makeup nearly 11 percent of all fast-service restaurant sales by 2020. Today, mobile users are more comfortable with app-based transactions and digital payments of all sorts.

An eMarketer study showed more than 38 million Americans used some form of mobile payment in 2016. A survey from TD Bank at the 2017 NRA conference found that with more customers seeking choices about how and where they order food, it is no wonder that 48 percent of restaurants…

In the District, homestyle Japanese cuisine is not always easy to find, but when it comes to ramen, D.C. has proven itself. Most make their noodles at home, however, a few actually get them directly from Japan. Here are the best noodle places for when you want to taste some of the best ramens in the city.

Jinya Ramen Bar

Despite being a national chain, Jinya takes its ramen seriously. Although the “flagship” of the restaurant is the Jinya №1 tonkotsu black, a traditional ramen mix of pork broth, chashu, nori, green onions, egg and garnishes, they sell a lot of variations. You should also try adding spicy ground chicken…

Congrats on making it this far on your journey to consider if this industry is right for you. Now you are at a crossroads, of should or should you not start a restaurant. Well, this is the article for you, we’ll discuss the potential reasons and things you should consider before fully committing to starting a restaurant. We define and refer to “restaurant” in the traditional sense, as a brick-and-mortar store that serves food, either QSR to dine in. This a part 1 of a 2 part series, scroll down to the conclusion to read part 2.

The most important question you should ask yourself, regardless of your experience, knowledge, niche, or uniqueness of an idea, is “what is success to you?”. Do you want to be the next McDonalds, Starbucks, Chipotle, or simply serve your community and expand within your region and it’s ok for your…


If you orders from your website, why not from your app. Visit and see how you can get your restaurant on the App Store and on your customers phone.

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